Thursday, January 26, 2023

No Snow—Yet

The Promenade in Keyport, New Jersey

      So far this winter there has been no significant snow in this part of New Jersey. We had a few flurries, but we’ve had a lot of rain. It hasn’t been very cold either, which is nice for those of us who like to get some fresh air and go for a walk. I realize at some point snow will fall and everyone will complain about it, but there has always been something magical—at least to me—when the first snow covers the ground and everything is clean and white—and quiet, since there are fewer cars driving in the icy conditions. 

     On the other hand, the drenching rains we’ve endured lately make for dreary days. I wear an all-weather coat with a hood. I hate rain running down on my head. Taking care of errands in the rain seems more exhausting than taking care of errands on a sunny day. 

     However, we are fortunate to have Bell Works nearby. Sometimes on rainy days we go there to get our exercise. There’s a lovely grand piano near the main entrance. Sometimes, hubby plays a few songs on it. Sometimes, someone else is there tickling the keys. A few days ago, we stopped in and listened to a young man who was playing old classics that we are especially fond of—like “Sway.” We were singing along. 

     The young man said he comes there frequently, but he’s not seventeen yet so he can’t drive and must rely on someone else to give him a ride. He uses his phone to look up the chords for the songs and he figures out the melody. I asked him if he could play “There Is Love” but he didn’t know that one at all. Oh well.

     Still, it is always a treat to see young people involved in making music. So, maybe rainy days can be magical, too. It was a joy to sing along to old songs on a rainy day. 

 Entrance to Bell Works


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