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Friday, October 28, 2016

Always Thinking About My WIP

Above is Robert Smith's band arrangement of The Inferno. I heard it played last night at the Colts Neck Community Band's concert. (It's a great piece of music, though I do believe hell wouldn't be so melodious.) I should have taken a video of the band in action, but my mind went wandering--as if often does because I am a writer.

One of the writers' credos is the maxim to write everyday. While I know this is sometimes impossible, I do try to adhere to this practice--even if I only write one hundred words or so when life gets crazy as it often does.

When writing a book, I find the everyday rule keeps me focused on the story. So even if I am driving somewhere, doing laundry, or attending a concert as I did last night--my mind wanders off and I begin plotting or editing in my head. That's a good thing. 

Last night, as I listened to the band play The Inferno, I realized I could have added a detail to a scene in my current WIP which would give it more emotional impact. Was it the tone of the music that caused me to put that thought together? I don't know. However, if I hadn't written the scene before I went to the concert, I doubt I would have had anything to fix in the manuscript.

Write everyday. Even if it's only a little bit. Keep your mind in your story.

And then go do some laundry or attend a concert. :-)

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