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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

History Happened Right Here

This is a map of Leedsville. It isn't called Leedsville anymore. The little town has changed a lot over the years. However, I used it as the setting for Patriot's Heart and the heroine of Patriot's Pride, Margaret, grew up there and hates being far from her family who still live there. Though she journeys to England, she longs to return to little Leedsville.

I live there now, which is why I choose the location. I am fascinated by history and there's plenty of it in the area. I did one blog post on the topic when Patriot's Heart was released. 

Hubby and I regularly visit historical homes and museums in the area. I've lived in Monmouth County since I was five years old. I was fascinated with the tale of Captain Kidd from an early age. My parents took me and my siblings to see Molly Pitcher's well--or what people thought was her well, now the opinion about the location has changed. Still, 296 engagements with British troops occurred within New Jersey, more than in any other colony in the Revolutionary War.

History happened right here. 

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