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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Third Time's the Charm

My mother always told me the third time is the charm. I'm hoping she was right because for the third time KISS OF BLARNEY is available in a digital edition. I reissued it myself last night. :-) It was published first by New Concepts Publishing. When that publisher returned the rights to me, Crescent Moon Press published it. But now it's mine again and I am offering it to the world at the bargain price of $0.99.

I uploaded it to Smashwords, too, which will make it available for iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and several other ebook distributors. For Smashwords I had to compose a very short blurb:

An Irish princess, raised in secrecy, and destined to rule the Enchanted Island must save her companion from an evil Druid. She enlists the aid of a dog, but the owner of the animal is not about to let her steal his dog--even if by doing so he puts his own life in peril.

The new long blurb is this:

Prophecy says Ula, an Irish princess, is destined to rule the Enchanted Island with a black-eyed prince. For safety, she hides in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey with a druidess for a companion. Ula knows nothing of the modern world. She has no friends and never saw a man. When her druidess is kidnapped by the evil Balor, she leaves her hidden cottage to borrow a dog who can aid her in finding her companion. 

Shay is a descendent of Irish kings given specific rules to follow since birth. If he breaks his sacred code misfortune or even death could result. He doesn’t think those principles make sense in the modern world. Then he meets Ula. She walks into a pub during a blizzard and causes a melee. He wants nothing to do with her, especially when he realizes she's out to steal his dog but if he turns her out into the snow, he’ll break his sacred code. Though Ula spouts nonsense, she tempts him to abandon every principle his father gave him. 

Ula’s love for Shay is forbidden, for he has blue eyes, but the powerful emotions that draw her to him cannot be denied. Still, she is bound to rescue her druidess and for that she must take Shay’s dog, even if Shay breaks her heart and winds up hating her forever.

Warning: This book does have one very sensual scene.

A book video is available on YouTube, too. Have a look!

Go to the Amazon link for the book

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