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Friday, April 03, 2015

Leftover Peeps

My northern sister, who is much more of a comedian than I am, came up with several recipe ideas for leftover Peeps. She took these photos and labeled them. :-)

Peeps S'more before microwaving

Peeps S'more after microwaving, also known as a Peeps No more.

Hot Peeps Cocoa

Enjoy your Peeps!


Michelle Pillow said...

Those are great, and cute. :)


Just Nancy said...

I'm not a big peeps fan, but the kids love them, so I got them some. However, that hot chocolate thing looks interesting. I might try that!

K. said...

I like both of those ideas. If I were a Peeps fan I would try them.

Leann said...

They say those things can never be they really melt?

Robin Bayne said...

Those are great!!!!! When will they start making peeps with Splenda???