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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Professional Daydreamer

I am a professional daydreamer. I started young. In the photo above, I am sitting on the dock in Keyport imagining what I would do if I owned one of those boats in the background. Where would I go? What would it be like with the boat slicing through the water and me at the helm? My family owned a rowboat. It was fun, but I thought a motorboat would be more exciting. When I was all grown up I met a man who owned a motorboat. He took me out on the boat and the ride was definitely more thrilling than a ride in a rowboat. I married the man. 

Everyone daydreams, but what makes me a professional daydreamer is the fact that I write my daydreams down. You can purchase my daydreams and enter into my fantasy when you read the book. 

Sigmund Freud had some interesting things to say about daydreaming and creative writers. You can read a summary of his thoughts at I don't necessarily agree with everything he wrote, but I do think in this particular instance, he is close to the mark.  (Hint: I never really grew up.)

So check out somebody else's daydreams today. Buy a book. If not mine, buy someone else's book. Then start reading it. It's good for your brain. :-)


Nancy Morse said...

Great post,Pen. I started day dreaming when my mom used to punish me by having me sit in the corner. I loved those "punishments" because it gave me the opportunity to make up stuff in my head. Little did I know back then that my day dreaming would turn into a writing career.

Penelope Marzec said...


Glad you didn't stop daydreaming!