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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Format for the Nook

That's Dad looking at my Nook. We were sitting in a doctor's office and I showed it to him. Even without his glasses, he could see the print because I made it large enough. :-)

Yesterday, I loaded my newly contracted book, PATRIOT'S PRIDE, into my Nook. I must check for errors before I send it off to the editor again. I've found that I never catch everything when I'm reading it on the computer screen. It is helpful for me to switch to another type of reading mode.

I've been fixing the story as suggested by the editor. In addition, I spellchecked the manuscript and discovered I had consistently misspelled hiccupped and unmistakable. :-(

To load the manuscript into the Nook, it is best to use an epub format. The Nook will not display anything properly in a pdf.

I downloaded Calibre ( onto my Mac. Then I took out the page numbers on the docx file and saved it as an rtf. I loaded the book into Calibre and converted it to epub. Then I sent it to the Nook.

It looks good including italics and paragraph breaks.

I started reading and found I had used the instead of to in the first paragraph. Grrrr.

So I'll be doing more fixing on this manuscript--but it should be released in June. I'm sure it will go through more editing before that.


MarkD60 said...

I love my Kindle! I use it everyday!

Penelope Marzec said...


I have the Kindle app on my phone and my iPad. However, my simple Nook with Glow is a great little reading device because it doesn't do email or Facebook. So I don't get distracted. :-)