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Friday, March 04, 2011


There's another writers' conference coming up--the Liberty States Fiction Writers will be gathering to listen to MaryJanice Davidson and a host of other well-known fiction writers who are more than willing to give away their secrets of success.

I plan to be there and I intend to bring along my books in case anyone wants to buy some. I will also bring along my promotional handouts. Lots of writers buy pens to hand out, some buy little sticky notes, or bookmarks.

My handouts are rather simple. I used trifold brochure paper and set Word for three columns. One one side, I put the cover, the blurb, and some other information. Inside I squeeze in an excerpt from the book.

That's the easy part. The trick is to get the other writers at the conference to pick these things up. At the last conference, I attached a Twizzler to each brochure. Every single brochure disappeared from the table.

But my latest book has an Irish theme. What sort of candy should I attach for this one? Peppermint Patties?


Rachel Firasek said...

This is brilliant. Thanks so much! I never thought of these. I've seen em, they just didn't come to mind. You rock!

Hildie McQueen said...

How about inexpensive little clover charms, you can even get plastic ones, that would be cute too!

What a great idea, I am going to make some of these.

ReneeRearden said...

Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. I love how generous authors are. Helping each other makes success that much sweeter! ;-)

Avery Olive said...

Okay, yup, this is a super neat idea! I think I might just make some for my upcoming event!