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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving Dad

Dad is now living in a small apartment. We made the big move on Monday, but there are still things in the house that we must either donate, recycle, or throw out. It's going to take quite a while to go through everything.

However, the apartment--furnished with the bare essentials--is comfortable and with the addition of my mother's paintings, it does look homey. Dad will be getting physical therapy for a while and he'll have a home health aide, too. After two and a half months in the hospital, he still has a long way to go in regaining his strength. Nevertheless, his appetite has definitely improved. Daughter #1 made rice pudding on Sunday and Dad had three helpings of it on Monday after dinner.

Tonight we took Dad out for pizza. He only had one slice, but he downed a bottle of stout, too, and he intended to have dessert once he returned to the apartment. Dad has always had room for dessert. :^)


grace graupe-pillard said...

Love the beautiful photograph and red shirt.

Karen said...

I love older adults. They are very precious to me and have been since both of my grandmothers lived at home with my family at one time. I can certainly understand your things to do list following your dad's relocation and what a wonderful touch to put paintings on the wall to make his apartment feel homey. I just wanted to comment so that you and others know that there are relocation specialists out there who will not only assist with the physical moving of belongings from one home to another but many also assist with the home clean out which involves selling, dispersing, shipping, and hauling off unwanted or unneeded things left behind. See to find move managers throughout the country and Canada.