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Friday, July 21, 2006

Photos from Puerto Rico

That's me draped over the cannon at El Morro. The fort is really awesome. However, by that point in the day I was exhausted. It was hot, my feet hurt, and I could not drink enough water. We walked all over Old San Juan. The town is not that big and I would have been fine if I had worn more sensible shoes and if it wasn't so blazingly hot.

The following day we went to the rainforest--El Yunque. This was the biggest waterfall we saw in the rainforest, and evidently a lot of people just go there to swim. Our tour director, a very talkative man, took us to the top of the trail so that most of the time, we were walking downhill. It was very humid, but it was also very shady so I wasn't baked as I had been the day before.

Hubby spotted three huge land snails all sitting together on a large piece of bark, but that was the extent of the wildlife we saw on the trail. This was a good thing because I don't particularly like snakes and such.

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