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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Twenty-eight years ago, when my grandfather died, hubby and I flew out to western Pennsylvania for the funeral in a relatively small jet packed with businessmen. There was a lot of turbulence over the mountains on that ride--so much so, that when we landed one gentleman in the back of the plane shouted out, "Cheated death again!" And everyone laughed.

On our flight out to Puerto Rico, I sat beside a very nice Puerto Rican woman. When we landed in Puerto Rico everyone in the plane applauded. I was surprised. I thought maybe this was something new that Americans had started doing recently. However, the woman next to me informed me that the people do that everytime they land in Puerto Rico.

On our return trip home yesterday, as the plane touched down in Newark, there was no clapping. So maybe it is just a Puerto Rican thing.

Anyone else experience this?


Leann said...

I'll have to ask my daughter about this Penelope. Her boyfriend flys to Puerto Rico fairly often, as do his parents.

K. said...

Yes, I have! On my way to Brazil we had a connectin in Puerto Rico and I noticed everyone clapping when we landed there too. Funny.

Laura Lynn said...

Everyone clapped when we landed in Dusseldorf on Sunday..... I remember doing this on several other trips with good landings. It didn't seem to be just Germany or Holland....or England.... or Switzerland.... Or Nairobi... I remember having people clap at almost every landing. Although more people clapped in Dusseldorf.

Penelope Marzec said...

Laura Lynn: Not a single soul clapped when we landed in Newark--although they were all in a hurry to get out of the plane. :^)