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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Trouble on the Patio

During the warmer weather, I like to grill burgers outside and eat them on the picnic table on our patio. This past week, we tried this for the first time this season. However, as we sat down to eat a HUGE bee hovered around me. It continued to plague me all through our supper--nobody else at the table seemed to be the object of this particular bee's ire--only me. I tried the old fly swatter on the bee, but my aim is decidedly poor. I wound up eating most of my supper standing up several feet away from the table.

Everyone decided it was a carpenter bee and that I must have been sitting near its residence since it must have made a tunnel in our picnic table. Hubby came up with a bright idea he had heard about. He intended to spray the bee with paint. He heard that doing so is supposed to make the creature unable to fly. I could just imagine what would happen if my hubby carried out his plan. I envisioned my entire backyard with splotches of various colors of spray paint.

Fortunately, Daughter #2 brought out a can of insecticide and went after the creature. I don't know how successful the hunt was. I am afraid to find out by having another burger meal outside using the picnic table.


Leann said...

I hate it when they just won't leave you ALONE!

K. said...

I hate bees. That would have ruined my entire meal... :(