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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A/C for Dummies

When it comes to cars, I know how to check the oil and I can add some if need be. Since I live in NJ, I never pump gas. I have changed a flat tire. Hubby can do those things, too, but he prefers to use Fix-a-Flat in the event of a flat tire.

Daughter #3 has become more daring when it comes to car repairs--maybe because she has an older car and she's still a student. :^) However, when the air conditioning in her car was no longer cooling her off, she simply bought a can of refrigerant and added it to the air conditioning unit in her car. It looked easy.

So when my Jeep blew hot air at me, I thought hubby and I could try the same fix and maybe save money. We went to Pep Boys and studied the various brands of refrigerant. One had a bright yellow box with a familiar logo. It was an Auto A/C Recharging Kit for Dummies. Yep. That was us. The fact that it cost less than the other kits was the main selling point.

We took it home and studied the instructions. They were scary. It had things like, "...death can occur without warning." Also, "Contact with skin or eyes can cause frostbite."

I thought maybe we should just hand it to Daughter #3 as a gift since she knows how to handle it.

But Hubby is slightly braver than I am. He added it to the car while I hovered about ready to call 911. The entire can was used up in seconds.

I got into the car and found that I now had cool air blowing on me. Awesome! I don't know how long it will last, but it sure was a great fix.

Anyone else use that stuff?


Leann said...

I've never tried that Penelope. I'd be afraid the "death without warning" would apply to me..LOL

I can check the oil, change the oil, change a flat tire, and know what a carborator looks like and is for, as well as how a cumbustible engine works...but...I do have my limitations..LOL

K. said...

No, I have never done that. And my knowledge is a bit less than Leann's. I can check and ADD the oil (not change it), as well as all my other fluids - transmission, brake, washer, etc. I can change a flat. I can pump gas. *lol* That's about it for me.

Just Nancy said...

I can start a car and pump gas. I can drive through traffic on I-95 outside Philadelphia with a screaming baby in the car and continue talking to my passenger like we're alone. I can write over 4000 words on my AlphaSmart while DH drives us from Orlando to Baton Rouge.

I can drive the car to Jiffy Lube and hand DH the keys if anything else happens.