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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Father's Day Gifts

I sent my Dad a check along with his Father's Day card. He was so delighted with the money and said he was going to use it to buy my mother a dinner out at her favorite restaurant or to buy her a ring that she had hoped for. He is such a great father and always demonstrates by example what love truly is.

Now as for my hubby's Father's Day gift...well, it's difficult to buy him anything. He likes music but he only listens to certain kinds. Basically, any style of music with an accordion in it will do. :^) He likes sheet music for the accordion. Of course, he always would like a bigger and fancier accordion. But things like that are not easy to find. So I go for the practical. For his Father's Day present, I told him I would clean his car--inside and out.

He went outside and dragged out the hose for me.

Doesn't that make your heart go pitter-patter. :^)

So tell me, what is a good gift for your father--or for your husband?


Leann said...

WEll since I have neither Penelope, I can't say. I'd say what you have in mind, the car cleaning is a good idea.

Robin Bayne said...

Aww, true love!!!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I think it is the little things we do that mean alot. In cleaning his car, you are serving Him and that is what love is, self sacrifice, giving to someone else.

The kids and I made coupons one year that each said, one free back massage, one free car wash, one free night out dinner and movies, one free shoe shine, one free shampoo and gave them to him to turn in when he wanted. he loved it, and took advantage of them all.

This year I am taking him to South Padre for a much needed rest.

Keasty said...

How 'bout taking him out to dinner to a secret place... just tell him how to dress and you'll take him.