Thursday, May 16, 2024

New Bookmarks!

I don't have a release date yet for Love's Gift, but I have bookmarks! I ordered a bunch of them. They are better than business cards in my opinion. The URL for my website is on the back. In case anyone is really interested in finding out more about my books, they can easily find information at my website. When I sell books at book signing events, I usually give the customer a bookmark along with the book. I have to order another bunch of bookmarks for The Keeper's Secret, which will also be released in the near future. 

Of all the marketing things I must do to get the word out about my books, putting together bookmarks is my favorite. I go to Canva to design the bookmark and then upload them to Vistaprint. I've been using Vistaprint for a long, long time. So even though there are plenty of other printing companies out there, I plan to stick with Vistaprint.

Do you like to use author's bookmarks? Should an author sign the bookmark? What do you think?



M. Jean Pike said...

Those are beautiful!

Penelope Marzec said...

Thanks! I hope the bookmarks help to get the word out about the new book.