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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Reissue of A RUSH OF LIGHT with a New Cover

One of the things I set off to do during the lockdown was to reissue A RUSH OF LIGHT. My inspirational romance was originally published by AweStruck Publishing at the end of 2005. When AweStruck folded, Mundania Press added the book to their catalog. After a while, I requested a return of the rights fully intending to add it to my other orphaned titles on Amazon. But I simply didn't get around to it. The pandemic provided the impetus for me to jump into this project, but--as always--I was distracted by other projects. I had edits to complete for Home Somewhere and I began working on another book. Meanwhile, A RUSH OF LIGHT got lost in the shuffle. 

But Taria Reed came through with a new cover and once I check for more pesky mistakes in the manuscript, A RUSH OF LIGHT will be available once more in both ebook and paperback. 

I am delighted. I love this book. Of course, I love all my books. Each one is very special to me, but this one has the distinction of being my longest book. I had a lot of fun writing it, too. 

It was given many wonderful reviews, but one of my favorites was from Faith Smith in Romantic Times Book Reviews. She wrote, "Marzec's book is sweet but strong in all the right emotions."



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