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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Forty-Six Years Ago

My first date with my future husband happened forty-six years ago this week. He took me for a ride on his motorboat. He had a slip for it in Marine Park and the photo above shows him getting the boat ready to go out. This is not a good photo because at the time I was taking photos on my old Minolta 35mm and developing the negatives. I didn't stop taking pictures, but I stopped developing them. 😆

The ride that day on the river was pleasant. The boat chugged along slowly. What I didn't know was that it wasn't working as it should. It could go very fast, but it didn't that day, which was fine with me. After our ride, we went out for pizza. It was a pleasant date. So, next time he asked, I went out with him again. 

The rest of that summer, we went out on that little motorboat a lot. I took the wheel sometimes. We got stuck on sandbars. We endured a horrible thunderstorm on the water. Occasionally, we ate at restaurants with docks on the river. We stopped at Starvation Island, too. The beginning of our romance was spent riding up and down the river in that boat, which was a nice adventure. But we soon gave up boating and embarked on marriage and children. That was the best adventure of all.

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