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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Our Pandemic Christmas


We’re having kielbasi and kapusta for our Christmas dinner. Usually I make a big ham with all the fixings along with Cape Cod Cranberry Pie for dessert. Usually, my daughters and their spouses sit around the table and enjoy the feast. Not this year. Hubby and I are dining alone, so hubby gets one of his favorite meals, which should last for a few days. 

We delivered gifts to two of our daughters and hubby’s mom. We mailed a package to our Brooklyn daughter. She hasn’t gotten the package yet. She mailed packages to us and we received them. According to the post office’s tracking system, her gifts are languishing in Jersey City. 😢 

This has been a very strange year. I’m hoping the coronavirus will soon be controlled and we can go back to enjoying the company of our family and friends. 

Of course, Christmas isn’t about family feasts. It’s about God’s gift to us. Even through we’re going through this pandemic, God is still with us. His love remains with us and in us. His love is a gift that  will not wear out.

Merry Christmas!

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