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Friday, April 24, 2020

Make a Wish

If you found a magic dandelion puff capable of granting one wish, what would you ask for? I know exactly what my request would be. I would ask for a vaccine for the coronavirus. Since magic dandelion puffs don't exist, prayer is a far better use of my time. I must be patient in order to remain safe.

Still, I've been busy while we're in lockdown. I've crocheted thirty-four little preemie hats--so far. I've made face masks. I watched Michael Moore's latest movie, Planet of the Humans, which is free on YouTube and which I think everyone should watch. I listened to the podcast of Radio Influenza--which is not very cheerful, but if you think things are bad now, you should listen to it. Back in 1918 people didn't even have pain relievers.

I am writing--or rather rewriting. I cook and do laundry and occasionally clean something--which often includes vacuuming up the potato chip crumbs hubby manages to drop under the futon. (Some things take a special talent.) I pulled out the watercolors and made a painting of a very fat robin. Hubby thought I should put a worm in its mouth but I didn't. Now and then I do exercises and I usually try to walk a bit as well, but that's not as interesting as it used to be since all the parks are closed. 😟

I cannot stop worrying, but I've gotten into a routine of sorts and find I am less anxious than I was at the beginning of all this. Keeping in touch with everyone has been a huge blessing. Video chats may not be the same as physically being with loved ones, but just seeing their faces is a comfort.

How are you doing?

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