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Monday, January 23, 2017

Watching Over Me

I sure hope my angel is watching over me and doesn't get distracted from that task. My life has been getting more and more complicated every day. In addition to going through my radiation treatments, hubby and I have now been faced with another huge problem because my mother-in-law wound up in the hospital with pneumonia a few weeks ago. She's been doing better in rehab, but we're due to talk to the social worker about what comes next for hubby's mom this week.

Despite all the biopsies, doctor visits, other tests, and surgery I've had from October onward, I've been making a valiant attempt to write PATRIOT'S COURAGE, but it's been moving slowly. I've signed up for the annual JerRoWriMo, the New Jersey Romance Writers' 30,000 word challenge to speed things up a bit. I need some cheerleaders to push me to the end of the story.

Of course, writing a book is always a giant leap of faith. I don't know if any publisher will want it once I've written it. I say this even though I've had seventeen books published so far. If I do get it published, there's no guarantee readers will buy it. Selling books in this day and age is an extremely impossible job. Pressed for time, I've bought ads on Facebook. Those haven't helped much--though if I didn't buy ads, nobody would see my news at all.

However, I will be giving away four free books on Valentine's Day. If you want to take a chance on getting one of them don't forget to sign up HERE. The book I'm giving away is PATRIOT'S PRIDE (the genuine PAPER edition), which is the sequel to PATRIOT'S HEART. If you haven't read PATRIOT'S HEART, you ought to download it now. It is only $0.99--a true bargain for a full-length book.

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