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Friday, January 31, 2014

Do You Like Snow?

When I was young, I used to love snow. School would close and I could go sledding and make snowmen. I loved ice skating. I'd shovel the snow off the ice and have my personal skating rink. I tried skiing in my twenties, but it was an expensive hobby because more often than not, there wasn't enough snow in this part of NJ.

Falling snow was pretty--and soft--and everything was quieter when the snow was falling. It was magical to wake up to a world of white, glittering like diamond dust on all the trees and bushes. Snow made everything different and beautiful. Even the taste of it on my tongue was a delight. I enjoyed studying the snowflakes that fell on the sleeve of my coat and on my mittens. I wanted to see if each one was unique.

I don't remember being cold.

Then I grew up. Snowstorms create problems. Now I worry about whether we'll lose power. I worry about my nearest and dearest driving in the snow. I worry about heavy ice on tree limbs. I worry about slipping on the ice.

But I still think snow is pretty--oh maybe not as pretty as spring flowers or autumn leaves, but I like to take photographs of the snow. It is cold, but when I put on extra layers I don't feel the cold as much.

Snow can be dangerous, but to me, it's still magical. I am still in awe of the perfection of the snowflakes that land on the sleeve of my coat.

What do you think of snow?

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