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Friday, January 24, 2014

Allaire State Park

I took these photos at Allaire State Park last year. It's easy to tell because we have a lot more snow on the ground right now. :-) Allaire is one of my favorite places. Though there's not much going on at the park in the wintertime, it still makes an interesting walk and it's easy to imagine it as it once was--a bustling little town where bog iron was extracted during the years from 1822 to 1855. In the spring, summer, and fall there are many interpretive programs, shows, and festivals. The general store is a wonderful place packed with all sorts of goodies.

There is a blacksmith shop, too. I've stood and watched the blacksmith hammer hot iron rods into useful implements, which is one of the reasons I decided that Agnes, the heroine of PATRIOT'S HEART, would be a blacksmith. A woman can be a blacksmith. I've seen one working at Allaire. :-)

I enjoy visiting historical sites. I've gotten so many wonderful story ideas whenever I go to places like Allaire. But for me, the nicest part is that Allaire is close to home--and I can wander through there anytime I want. 

How about you? Do you like to visit historical sites?

Foreman's Cottage

Carriage House

Row Houses

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