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Friday, June 28, 2013

Gift Card Contest Winners

The bad news is that I didn't get three people who followed all the rules.

Some people liked my Facebook fan page but did not comment on the blog post. Some people commented on the blog post but did not like my Facebook fan page. :-(

Whatever. I'm flexible. I'll lower the bar.

Since Natasha Vahora, Erik Crawford, and Mary L. Ball all left comments on the blog post about the contest, they win the prizes. To receive the prizes, Natasha, Erik, and Mary should go to the contact box at my website contest page at:

Please type in your name and email (nobody will see that except me) and remember to put

$10 Amazon Gift Card

in the comment box, I will send the prize via the email address. You will need an Amazon account to collect your gift card.

I have another contest ending next week, if anyone wants to enter that, just use that same contact box but write

The Company You Keep

in the comment box. Easy.


MarkD60 said...

I'd play hardass.
Instead of giving them the gift card anyway, I'd track them down and tickle them till they pee in their pants. Or equivalent.

Unknown said...

Well, I missed the whole contest. But, I am gonna leave a comment and go follow your FB anyway. ; )

Wicked contest by the way!!!!

Big Hugs~ Robin Renee Ray

Penelope Marzec said...


Sorry you missed the contest. However, thanks for the Facebook like and the comment. :-)