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Monday, August 20, 2012

Round Robin

I participated in a writing round robin with the authors of the Prism Book Group. A round robin has nothing to do with the bird of the same name. In a writing round robin, everyone takes a turn writing a segment of a story. This can be fun--or it can be a nightmare. Since I was scheduled to write the ending of the story, I was a bit nervous. In addition, since hubby and I went on our long road trip to Florida, I knew I would have to wrap everything up in the story after we returned.

We returned on Friday. I spent Saturday working on the ending of the round robin. I finished by ten o'clock that evening. It presented quite a mental challenge, but I found it a fascinating. The story, After the Storm, will be offered free at the publisher's website once it is edited. The first round robin, Lightning Strikes, put together by the authors at the Prism Book Group will be offered free at the website during their grand opening kick-off on Wednesday, August 22nd. There will be an opportunity to win a Kindle and a pitch day for aspiring authors.

So visit the Prism Book Group and join in the fun!


MarkD60 said...

When I was in grade school, I remember we team drew a picture of a person on folded paper, so you couldn't see what was already drawn. The results were hilarious.

Penelope Marzec said...

Sounds like it would be funny! I never did that in grade school. Oh well. But we did play "telephone." Someone would whisper a phrase into another child's ear. Repeating it was not allowed. Then the second child whispered the phrase into another child's ear. Eventually, the phrase evolved into something completely different from what it had been at the start.

I don't suppose kids do that anymore.