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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Have a Lot of Words

I have an assortment of magnetic words on my refrigerator. Romantic words, corporate words, spiritual words, rock and roll words, and country words are all jumbled together in a big jar. I put the words together to create silly little poems out of them or clever phrases. Most people who visit our kitchen play with them. My daughters and hubby switch them around and laugh at the results--so I'm never entirely sure who wrote what.

Now and then, I take all the words down and put up a different batch. However, before I remove the poems and phrases, I write them in a notebook for posterity ascribing the name of the author, if I suspect the guilty party.

For instance, here's a good, short one for Halloween. I think hubby put the words together--that's why it's such a brief piece.

his song was full of moist blood

The next one sounds very artistic.

come dance on
your sensuous wet canvas
imagine a color
of love

Daughter #1 wrote the following:

liquid dew
surrounds the rose
secret petals blush
in a red bouquet

Here's one of suspicious origin:

champagne cloud note
I always sing sweetly
into the drunk microphone
breathing an alcohol miasma
like slow lyrics in metal blues

Here's another with a musical theme:

righteous raucous roadie rap
by punk artists
crank it loud
group scream between songs

Words are fun. More words are more fun. Get a few sets of magnetic words and watch the silliness begin. :^)


MarkD60 said...

THis is very cool, how many words total are in your jar? Where did you get them?

Penelope Marzec said...

I have no idea how many words are in the jar, but it is a lot. I purchased most of them at Barnes & Nobles--or I received them as gifts. The words were Magnetic Poetry Kits. (

Leann said...

My brother and sister in law have the same thing. It is fun to play with them and make up songs, silly phrases, etc. I really liked the 'suspicious' one that starts with champagne :-) Kudos to the author.

Have a blessed day.