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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Writing It Down

I bought a new journal this week. I have kept a journal for a long time. I was inspired as a child after I read Anne Frank's story. While I do not write in it everyday, for the most part I faithfully record all the major events in my life as well as feelings, disappointments, and dreams. Every year of my life has presented me with stress or one kind or another. (Just like everyone else on the planet.) 😉 On occasion, I reread some of my journal entries and it makes me a bit depressed, but I remind myself I have survived the crises I've been handed so far. I pray for the strength to handle the next crisis, whatever it might be.

After talking with a friend, it occurred to me that maybe the journaling actually has been helpful for me. My friend does not keep a journal. She has suffered through some extremely stressful events, but she tends to dwell on them. She doesn’t write them down. She continually goes over and over the incidents. She never lets them go.

I realized for the most part, I do not dwell on past traumas--not always anyway. True, the problems don’t go away, but I move on—or my pen does at the very least, usually to the next problem. Still, the actual writing seems to be cathartic. It’s not that I don’t remember the difficulties after I record them—it’s just that somehow I forget the sequence—even if the events pile up one on top of another as they usually do.

Journaling is a very good thing according to the article below:

So if you’re feeling stressed, write it down--with a pen on paper--you know, the old-fashioned way. Even if you don’t become a romance author--which might be a good thing--you could be doing yourself a big favor.


Anonymous said...

I have a very close friend that journals all the time. We laughed one day, because I told her it seems that she journals more when she's feeling snarky. It's a great release of all the emotion that can't get out without a mental break down. Keep on Journaling girl and rock on with the romance!

Rachel Firasek

Lita Harris said...

I always tell people to "write it out." It's amazing how soothing the process can be. I have so many journals that I have started and not one is completed. I tend to pick them up because I like the cover or the page layout. Every once in a while I pick them up and read them. I am always surprised with what my thought process was at the time.