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Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Turkey

Here's our Fakesgiving gang--minus me because I took the picture. We dined at the Macaroni Grill. No turkey there. However, we all had plenty to eat. Several brought food home. Not me, I ate everything. I had planned ahead by having a cup of yogurt for lunch--and I did not have salad before the main course.

My mother is doing somewhat better. Her blood pressure is apparently under control now, but she suffered with a stiff neck all week. Last night's dinner out was a big excursion for her, but she had a nice time.

Sister #1 and her family stayed at our house overnight before they headed back home. Sister #2 and her gang stayed with Mom and Dad.

I sure wish everyone lived close by.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

Good planning on your part and it seems like it was a nice time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Leann said...

I know how difficult it can be when family is so far away. Glad tdo hear your Mom is doing better

Have a wonderful day