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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Usually, every year at Thanksgiving the entire clan gathers at my house--the clan being my sisters with their spouses and children, my parents, our own daughters, and sometimes my uncle's family. Some years I have fed 22 people--and one dog (Cassie, who makes an appearance in Heaven's Blue).

However, this year Sister #2's husband must work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. So she thought we could all get together for the feast this weekend. Daughter #2 cannot be here and neither can Sister #1's oldest son who is in college. I intend to make the usual turkey dinner on Thanksgiving--but just thinking about making another huge feast this weekend made me exhausted.

Instead we are going out to eat. Sister #1 decided to dub this "Fakesgiving." For me, it means I will be able to chat and enjoy everyone's company.

I think I'll want to do this next year. :^)

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