Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Another Piece of the Story for ANGEL OF THE L TRAIN

     That’s my mom in her younger days. She thought she could be a star. She liked to sing and some folks said she looked like Barbara Stanwyck, a well-known actress in the 1930s and 1940s.. My mom and her sister went to New York and would have starved if it weren’t for a kind restaurant owner who gave them food—and a job. He also gave my mom her famous, secret rice pudding recipe. 😊
     Mom never became an actress or a singer—though she sang to me and my siblings all the time. But what if she had found fame? Would she have met my dad? Probably not. What about her art, which was what she loved? Would she have given that up for the glamor and glitter of Hollywood?
     I don’t know, but that idea was one of the pieces that fit into ANGEL OF THE L TRAIN. In my book, the heroine’s mother once was a famous, Oscar-winning actress. However, she vanishes from the public eye and nobody has any idea what happened to her. 
     When the heroine’s daughter helps to save the life of a man in the New York subway, she becomes the victim of a media frenzy. Almost identical to her mother at a younger age, the heroine’s life is upended by the unwanted and unrelenting attention.
     At any rate, I’m glad my mom was never picked to be a movie star. But the idea that she might have done so made this book fun to write. 

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