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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Thanks to My Author Friends


I am very grateful for my author friends. They buy my books and review them. They post interviews about me and my books on their blogs and then retweet my tweets. They are extremely supportive. I try to do the same for them.

Other authors know exactly how difficult it is to entice people to read books. Other authors know there were 675 million print books ( sold in our country last year and getting anyone to notice a new one that is not on the NY Times list of bestsellers is far more troublesome than using a metal detector to find coins on the beach. 

Other authors know how disappointing it is to get rejections or bad reviews. They know what's it's like to have poor sales on a book. They understand what's it's like to have a publishing house go out of business, leaving them with orphaned books.

Other authors are helpful and encouraging. They will applaud another author's success and offer comfort to an author who is having a bad time.

I want to thank all my author friends who helped me launch CLEAR AS ICE. I wish them all the best of luck with their books in 2020. 

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