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Thursday, August 22, 2019

What Writers Do

Image by rawpixel at Pixabay

I've been writing for a long, long time. I started at the age of nine. I write out my daydreams. To me, and to other fiction writers, that is a normal activity. I do not take it for granted since there have been times when I could not write--not because I didn't have ideas but because I was suffering from grief or going through some other difficult time in life. But most of the time, I enjoy sitting at my keyboard and typing out--letter by letter, word by word, page by page--the story in my head.

Last weekend, I chatted with someone who is an avid reader. For a while, we discussed other authors' books we both read. Then she asked me to tell her about my latest book. So I did. I gave her more than a blurb. (Hint: Next time stick with the blurb.)

She expressed amazement and wondered where I got my ideas. (Big sigh.)

I began to wonder if only writers have story ideas--or if everyone else ignores the ideas that are all around them. Life is complex, challenging, and emotional. Everyone goes through a myriad of experiences at various stages in life. Plus there are historical events that are intriguing to dive into. I find reading the daily news fills my mind with all sorts of notions.

All anyone has to do is invent a few characters, drop them into a thorny situation, and then record--letter by letter, word by word, page by page--everything that happens to those imaginary people. It takes time. There are days when the writing does not go well, but with a heaping dose of persistence the story will come to an end--nicely packaged into a bundle of adventures that make a whole lot more sense than incidents in real life.

That's what writers do. I consider it a blessing and a lot of fun.


Carlene said...

May as well ask a singer how she finds her voice. It's just there. Same with ideas for a writer. T

Penelope Marzec said...


Exactly. It’s a gift. Writers are born that way. Singers are gifted with amazing voices. Writers are gifted with stories. But most people don’t seem to understand that concept.

Emily Conrad said...

Ideas are a difficult part of the process for me. It takes me a while to come up with a premise I'm passionate about exploring for a few hundred pages. But then I suppose each part of the process has its own challenges. Like you, in emotionally charged times (like grief, etc), my writing slows to a crawl, too. It's so interesting to see someone else's process!

Unknown said...

Long before I knew I was a writer, characters were talking to me. I thought I was just crazy! I don't feel like I come up with the ideas. I feel like they do and the one who yells the loudest and the longest gets their story written! LOL!

Penelope Marzec said...


Yes, writing a book requires passion because it is a long process. Everyone tackles it differently and what works for one writer might not work for another.

Penelope Marzec said...


I think there are many, many people who think writers are a bit crazy. They just don’t understand. But yes, the characters who dominate are the characters who will get their story written. LOL!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

How true Penelope! Writing is a blessing and I agree, everyone has a story (or stories) in them, they just don't feel or see it the way we do. Everyone has gifts and talents, some don't realize this or take the time to develop them. So glad you're fulfilling yours. Great post!

Good luck and God's blessings

Penelope Marzec said...


Thanks for stopping by. Developing the talent is the hard part, but I’m glad I persisted.