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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Little Snow

We haven't had much snow in New Jersey. There was one storm in November that caused massive havoc because the road departments were not prepared for it. Other than that, there have been a few minor dustings of snow. Today we received a small amount--about two inches in our area. It's been a mild winter--so far. However, winter is not over so we could get more snow dumped on us. Or we could have a nor'easter. I was twelve with the  Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 hit and I remember it well. We watched the water rise in the lake behind our house as the bay flowed into it. That caused chunks of marsh grass to tear away and float along, pushed by the wind and water. In hindsight, that storm was not as bad as Superstorm Sandy, but at the time it was the worst thing I had seen--but, of course, I was only twelve. 

At any rate, with the snow for inspiration I decided to write another Christmas story. I'm more than one third finished, but the deadline is May if I intend to hand it in. So I've got to knuckle down and write. However, life is forever getting in the way. Our refrigerator died yesterday after eleven years of faithful service. I went to grab a popsicle out of the freezer and the popsicle was no longer frozen--neither were the vegetables or the hotdogs. 

Hubby and I ran off to buy a new refrigerator. Nothing fancy, just basically what we have. Hopefully, it will be delivered tomorrow. Meanwhile, our food is outside in a box with a heavy paving stone on top so nobody except maybe Sasquatch can get into it. Despite the snow, it isn't below freezing tonight. In fact, it should warm up tomorrow, which is why I hope the refrigerator arrives on time--before the temperature outside goes above forty. 

Otherwise, I guess we'll have to buy some ice and pack the food into a cooler.

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