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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Moon Songs

I was trying to write a few days ago and the moon kept peering down on me from outside my window. It was a beautiful evening with clear skies for a change. I grabbed my camera with the 50x zoom, went outside, leaned up against a tree, held my breath, and pressed the shutter. The moon didn't look so far away anymore. It didn't look cold either. It looked rather lovely.

Happy with my lucky shot, I went back inside and wrote about three hundred more words on my manuscript. But now I'm thinking that somewhere in the book I should have a moonlit scene--and perhaps have one of the characters grab a camera, lean up against a tree, zoom in on the moon, hold his or her breath, and press on the shutter. Art imitating life--sort of.

Just seeing that moon brought back a bunch of wonderful memories of times when our daughters were young and the moon was full. We would travel along in the car (usually on the way home from Grandma and Granddad's house) and sing several old songs about the moon--ancient hits like "My Sweetheart's the Man In The Moon," "Oh Mister Moon," and "I See the Moon." What fun we had! Such simple things in life bring so much joy and provide lasting memories.

So now I think I should have the characters in my book sing a few moon songs, too. 😁

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