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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday Bridal Shower

This picture was taken at the bridal shower I received from hubby's family. It was held in the hall in the back of a bar somewhere in Brooklyn--and it was a surprise. (Hubby was worried that I would guess, but I had no clue.) Babci is on the left, my soon-to-be niece in the center. Cioci Stasi (Aunt Stella) is on the top right. (Cioci would have been 100 today! Happy Birthday in heaven, Cioci!) I am next to Cioci looking tired. On the bottom is my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I thought it was funny that both Babci and her sister, Cioci, showed up in polka dot dresses. 

This was one of three bridal showers given to me before I was married. My family gave me one--and at that one my mother gifted me with an outrageous frilly, lacey, almost-nothing negligee. She did it to get laughs. Mom was a bit of an entertainer. 
The other shower was given to me by the faculty at Cliffwood Elementary School where I worked. I shared the shower with my BFF, who was also going to be married. 
Back in those days, there were no bridal registries. So I wound up with three crock pots, two toaster ovens, and several other duplicate items. I gave one of the crock pots to my mom. I used the other two for years until I asked Daughter #1 to buy me a huge crock pot for my birthday a few years ago. She did--and I've been happily making massive amounts of food ever since.

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