Tuesday, July 07, 2015

IRONS IN THE FIRE, Third Edition

I wrote my first book when I was nine, but I wrote it on yellow legal paper using green ink. I illustrated it, too. Few people have seen that first effort, but it was a paranormal romance. (Yes, even at the age of nine.) While I was in high school, I made several attempts to write a novel. In one of those stories, Paul McCartney fell in love with the heroine--who was me, of course. Technically, I would now consider that a paranormal romance. LOL!

Then along came college, a job, and marriage. I had little time to write except for some very bad poetry. Hubby had a motorboat and we spent our "free" time zipping around on the local waterways, tying up at restaurants which had docks on the river, and getting caught in thunderstorms. 

I became a mother. I stayed home and breast fed my little darlings. As I sat and nursed them, a story took hold of me--and it wouldn't let go. That story was IRONS IN THE FIRE. I finished it and sent it off to be rejected at least twenty-five times until at last I succeeded in finding a publisher. 

Now, IRONS IN THE FIRE is back online with a spectacular new cover designed by Taria Reed! The book received a nomination for the Best Small Press Paranormal Romance in Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award. A reviewer in Romantic Times Book Reviews called it, "A cleverly written tale of magic, evil villains, murder and the power of love, IRONS IN THE FIRE is a fabulous read."

It's available at the low, low price of $2.99 for the digital edition and only $11.00 for the paper edition. 

You can find it at Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0112J0KIE

Make IRONS IN THE FIRE your summer read!

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