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Friday, May 29, 2015

I Came Late to Instagram

Instagram has been around since 2010. I joined last year at the urging of one the other artists in the painting workshop I attend. She has--at last count--1351 followers on Instagram. I have 270. Clearly, I'm not quite getting the hang of this wildly popular app, though I do enjoy it. I am fascinated by the gorgeous photos and while I find the proliferation of hashtags annoying, there are some people who actually write lovely prose or poetry to go along with their pictures, but those folks are rare. Mostly, it's photos and hashtags.

Nevertheless, if there were no hashtags, finding anything on Instagram would be impossible. And, as it turns out, hashtags can help when it comes to attracting new followers. I discovered this fact at, which is a good place to learn how to work Instagram. I am studying it carefully and intend to become more daring with hashtags.

I doubt whether getting more followers on Instagram will help me sell books. Selling books is tough. Still, to me the one big advantage of Instagram is the ability to share a photo from there to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. In the case of Twitter that is a huge plus because it is nearly impossible for me to stick to 140 characters. I am, after all, a romance writer.

If you're on Instagram, please follow me @marzecpenelope and like some of my pictures. I'll do the same for you. :-)

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