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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Most Precious Gift

My sisters, along with their spouses and children, visited last weekend. My house overflowed with relatives, but it was great to see everyone and simply chat for hours. We reminisced about many of the visits to the ER with our children when they were young. What had been traumatic at the time, became funny in the retelling with all the details. We recounted the stories of the births of our children. We looked at old photos. 

It was an enjoyable trip down memory lane, but too soon everyone drove off and I was left with an abundance of clean up chores. I don't mind. 

Time is the most precious gift anyone can give. Those moments shared with my sisters and their families were a true blessing. 


MarkD60 said...

true. Time is the most precious thing.
When telling old stories, I like hearing the differences in the way differrent people tell the same story!
Happy New Year!

Penelope Marzec said...

Everyone puts a different emphasis on details when they tell a story. It's fascinating. :-)