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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Tomorrow at Ereader News Today, DADDY WANTED will be on sale for $.99! It's an amazing bargain. This cute, sweet romance has received some wonderful reviews.

There's a long review at Romance Junkies, a Five-Star Review at PRG, and there's at least ten reviews at Amazon. Hey, it's worth your time and it's certainly worth $.99. (It's $.99 at Amazon, too.)

If you own an ereader, you should definitely go to Ereader News Today's Facebook page and LIKE it.  There are incredible bargains everyday--and some free books, too. Discover new authors! 

Just remember, this is a limited time offer. So don't wait! 


MarkD60 said...

99 cents? Such a deal!

Penelope Marzec said...


Yep, you should buy one.

I'll probably get next to nothing, but maybe readers will take a look at my other books--or at the publisher's books. You never know.