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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Cyber Monday Purchase

I ordered this Sterno stove yesterday. It is a Christmas present for Dad. He's been requesting one ever since the power went out after Sandy's wrath. So while this will not be a surprise gift, I know it is one that is wanted. Of course, my sister is afraid of allowing Dad to use matches, but I'm hoping we won't have another superstorm anytime soon.

There are newer, more modern versions to hold Sterno fuel, but this one looks exactly like the one my family used when we were young. Many people today are only familiar with Sterno as it is used by catering facilities to keep food warm. However, my family used the little folding stove all the time on our trips out to western Pennsylvania to visit my mother's relatives when I was young.

With four kids, my parents rarely stopped at a restaurant to eat. On the long trip out on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Dad pulled off the road when he spotted a rest stop with a picnic table. There Mom would whip up hot dogs and beans using the Sterno stove--or sometimes scrambled eggs. Whatever she made, we ate it up quickly and climbed back into the car to continue our long ride.

I can't wait until this little stove arrives. Maybe, once it's presented to Dad, I'll make him an omelet with it. Just for fun--even if we have power.


MarkD60 said...

No better way to keep your gifts a secret than posting what they are on the internet! :-D

Penelope Marzec said...

It was not going to be a surprise gift anyway. I told Dad I would order it online because I could not find one in the stores around here. He's happy he will be prepared for the next power outage. I hope.

Pepper Phillips said...

We have a gas stove, so even if the power goes out, which it does a lot in Louisiana, we're prepared.

There's nothing better than getting a gift that you really want, I don't care if I know about it. I still get to unwrap it and see it for the first time.

Penelope Marzec said...


Yes, a gift you really want is the best. Daughter #1 always asks me what I want. Then I pick it out and she refuses to let me have it until the appointed day. The anticipation is delightful!