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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I Bought a Nook

Most people know I'm a bookaholic--so this year I amassed $85 in Barnes and Nobles giftcards, which is really amazing and I thank all those who were so generous to me. The problem is I already have a zillion books in my To-Be-Read pile. I try to stay away from bookstores. However, the temptation is often too strong. Last week, the local AAUW had its yearly book sale when all the books were priced at $5 a bag. I filled the bag--to the brim--and felt guilty for adding more books to my collection.

Then the price of the Nook came down to $149. I already have an eBookwise reader, which I love. I love the backlight that allows me to read in the dark. I can read while hubby is driving, while hubby is sleeping, and while hubby is listening to jazz music in the park. (Hint: I am not a fan of jazz.)

But the Nook has Wi-Fi, I can check my email, my Facebook, and my Twitter--and download books from the air--or best of all--upload my current manuscript into the Nook as a PDF and then edit it. The font selection goes from very small to very big. :^) The display uses e-ink which is easy on the eyes. With $85 in giftcards, I only needed $64 of my own cash to complete the transaction.

So I bought the Nook. But then I needed a cover to protect it and Barnes and Noble had a neo-hippie purple and pink cover with an orange heart on one side and a peace symbol on the other for $29.95. How could I resist?

So for the past few days, I've been playing with my new Nook. I downloaded a free copy of Jane Eyre into it, but it came loaded with some all time hits like Pride and Prejudice and Dracula as well as some interesting samples.

Then I downloaded The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, a book I've been wanting to get. It took moments for it to load into my Nook. This could be a very dangerous toy for a bookaholic.

Surfing the web isn't all that easy. The touch screen is small, but very sensitive. It is not as fast as a computer. Still, after a bit of practice, I can manage it. I think having small fingers helps.

The Nook came with two games, chess and Sudoku. I don't play games, except for Scrabble--and that I like to do with real, live people.

The Nook can also hold music files. I moved some of my classical Chopin files into the Nook. Now I can read AND listen to Chopin. No matter where I go, I can feel like I'm inside Barnes and Noble's store.

I'm happy with my Nook. I am so delighted that ebooks have finally been recognized as being as good as paper books. It took so much longer than I anticipated when I first became an e-published author, but to see the general public embracing the new technology is wonderful. I see people reading on their ebook devices in doctor's waiting rooms and on the subway.

The Nook is a very nice gadget.

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