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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Video for The Fiend of White Buck Hall

I spent the past few days putting together a book video for The Fiend of White Buck Hall. I bought several stock photos from iStockphoto, but as usual I had several photos of my own to use. The mansion in the video is Batso. The park scenes are from Thompson Park.

In fact, the initial idea for The Fiend of White Buck Hall came from a walk in the park one evening at dusk. We heard and saw an owl in a tree high above us. Then Daughter #2 swore she heard a deer stamping the ground behind us.

I did not see a deer, but it was getting a bit creepy. So we hurried out of there as quickly as we could. The park ranger was waiting by our car. :^)

You can find the book at Currently, it is only available in digital form.


Lita Harris said...

It's a very nice video.

Penelope Marzec said...


Thanks. It was fun to put together and I was delighted to find a photo that looked very much like the heroine.

Hopefully, the video will help sell the book.