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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Writing Tips and a New Antenna

I attended a meeting of the New Jersey Romance Writers today where Elizabeth Devlin and Annette Blair presented two great talks with plenty of excellent writing advice. Aside from the handouts, Annette offers an extensive list of sensual words available at her website. So when you're in need of just the right touch go to:

She mentioned Linda Howard's Twelve Steps to Intimacy, which I found on the web--and which I know I have somewhere in my collection of notes, but I am not exactly sure where. :^(

However, that is important stuff when you're writing a romance and it was good to be reminded of it.

I came home all ready to completely revise my current work-in-progress. But hubby had hired someone to put a new antenna on the house, a new coaxial cable, and hook that up to our new converter box. It is difficult to concentrate when there's someone tramping around on the roof and stapling cable along the walls.

But the results were great. We have a lot more channels and they come in clearly.

Hubby did not want to get cable service. Aside from the fact that he did not want to pay a monthly service charge, we really don't watch TV that much and we live very close to New York City--as the crow flies. We can receive all the major television channels with our antenna.

Of course, we won't be getting the History Channel, or the Discovery Channel.

But that's okay.

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Leann said...

Cable is SO expensive.