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Monday, July 07, 2008

My New AlphaSmart

Last Thursday, my AlphaSmart Neo arrived. It is a terrific technological advance for me. I am now untethered. :^) I can literally write anywhere. The machine is lightweight and the batteries last a long, long time. I do not have to keep recharging it. (However, there is a model with rechargeable batteries.) Click on the link to get all the details at the AlphaSmart website:

Meanwhile, my mother went back into the hospital on Saturday. She had severe abdominal pain. After a CT scan, we found out she has diverticulitis. My sister, her husband, and boys drove here to see Mom in the hospital. So I spent most of my time feeding people--and after they left, there were extra towels and sheets to wash. Not much time to write--or even think. But I am glad they could be with Mom in the hospital.

I did show my new Alphasmart to my sister and her boys. My nephew said that when he was in middle school, the teachers gave AlphaSmarts to the kids with the really bad handwriting.

Hmmmm. An incentive to have poor penmanship?

1 comment:

Just Nancy said...

Yea! You got one. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!