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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Big One

Hubby had a birthday. We celebrated with an outdoor feast on the patio. There were burgers cooked on the grill, potato salad, fruit salad, beans, pasta salad, and in addition to the ice cream cake, we had S'mores.

There was one funny incident. I left the back door open for a while when I was taking food back into the house. A few chipmunks were spotted heading toward the door, and one of them went inside. Daughters #2, #3 and her boyfriend went after the errant chipmunk. They managed to get him to run out the front door. They are such cute creatures, but I would hate to have one loose in the house.

It was such a beautiful day. We had our daughters and our friends with us. Plus my parents came, too. I was so glad they could join us.

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