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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Trip to Gettysburg

Do you see any ghosts in this photo? I don't. Hubby and I drove to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, for a mini-vacation. Hubby had never been there. I was there once as a child, but things have changed. There were no ghost tours available when I last visited Gettysburg. Now there are ghost tours everywhere! I wasted several shots trying to capture an image of some spectral being. Still, I did enjoy our one ghost tour. In fact, I would have liked to try a few more since I did not get any spooky feelings on the ghost tour. However, I did experience a creepy sensation when we visited the basement of the Jennie Wade house.

This is a view from Little Round Top where one of the battles in Gettysburg took place. It is interesting to note that reenactors are not allowed to use the actual battlefields. Hubby and I learned a lot from the tour guides. We found the park's rangers to be very knowledgeable and interesting. But it is depressing to consider the massive loss of life that occurred in the three days of battles at Gettysburg. Some bodies were never identified.

I found several books written about women's experiences during the Civil War. I bought three of them--just in case I might want to write a romance using that time period as a setting. I'm always thinking about writing!


Unknown said...

Lovely photos, Thanks for posting them. My mother's family is from Pennsylvania a little further north so I used to get there often. It's a very moving experience, and you're so right, a very sad one.

Amanda Burns

Gay N Lewis said...

I wish I could have had a longer visit when we went there. So much to see.

Penelope Marzec said...


Yes, there is a lot to see! I was glad we also squeezed in a visit to Eisenhower's house. I love to see old houses. :-)