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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our World Travelers

Daughters #1 & #2 took a vacation together. For their first trip abroad, they went to the Netherlands to visit their cousin and her family who now live there. They had a very nice time and came home loaded with licorice--evidently a favorite of the Dutch.

Daughter #2 showed us her photos of the teeny, tiny cars she saw. She also had photos of Dutch jack o'lanterns which are somewhat different from the ones we carve over here. First of all, the Dutch don't call them jack o' lanterns. They call them Halloweens. :^)

I had a little pumpkin on the kitchen table and Daughter #2 was inspired to create her own Dutch-style Halloween.


Leann said...

I love the pumpkin!! Very creative and colorful.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch do have a different take on jack-o-lanterns, more festive than scary it seems. Nice job.

K. said...

I think I like theirs better than ours. It looks more cute than frightening.