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Saturday, September 02, 2006


I've read a whole bunch of books this summer--most of them were the paperbacks I had on my to-be-read shelf. I wanted to read as many as I could so I would be able to make some room on the shelf. (That's one of the other reasons why e-books are great--they don't take up any shelf space.)

Of all the books I finished, only two stood out as "keepers." They were:

Ultra Violet by Ellen Henderson, a Silhouette Bombshell released in 2005.

Blue Moon by Lori Handeland, a St. Martin's Paperback released in 2004.

These were both great reads that kept me turning the pages. While they are also no longer new, they are both available at Of course, I'm not giving mine away. I'm keeping them and loaning them out only to very good friends who I know will return them to me.

Anyone else find some "keepers" on their to-be-read shelf?


K. said...

I have been able to find time to read more recently and I have not come across a keeper in a very long time. I almost feel like going back to my list of favorites and reading a couple of those again just so I know I will have a great experience.

Penelope Marzec said...

It is sad to spend time reading a book and not find it to your liking. But the good ones I can read over and over. For me, Jane Eyre is one of those. :^)