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Friday, September 08, 2006

I cut the electric wire...

while I was trimming the yew bushes. I was using the electric hedge clippers. I've always feared them, but we have a lot of shrubbery and the hedge clippers do help finish the job quickly. I was getting toward the end of the task and I was tired, but I wanted to finish. I did not take heed of where the cord was and wound up catching it in the teeth of the clippers.

At first, I had no idea why smoke and sparks were coming from the clippers. So I screamed. Then I felt really stupid. Hubby has cut the electric cord twice that I know of, but he never screamed when it happened. He said a rather nasty word as I recall.

Anyhow, hubby was raking up all the clippings and was not the least bit put out that I had completely ruined an extension cord. Fortunately, we had another one in the garage and within a few minutes, I was clipping away again. The yew bushes look very neat now.

But next time, I'll be more careful.

1 comment:

Mr Tuna said...

Yes, yew should be careful.