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Monday, August 21, 2006

Favorite Road to Drive

Driving to Florida is not fun, for the most part. The roads between NJ and Florida are rather boring. I95 in Virginia does have a few nice hills, but I95 in NC, SC, and GA is really, really flat and straight. That is a good thing for trucks, I suppose, and there is a bit of nice scenery over Lake Marion. However, most of the drive is simply tedious.

When we get to Florida, we cross over to I75 on A1A and 301 and the scenery improves somewhat. However, the best part of our journey is I75 in Hernando County in Florida. By then we are almost at the end of our ride and I75 has some wonderful hills and turns along that section of road. I always insist on being behind the wheel. I turn on Handel's Messiah and get a kick out of going seventy miles an hour around the banked curves. The scenery is lovely, too--from an air conditioned car. I know if I got out of the car I would melt on the spot.

If I time it right, I have the Grand Amen playing by the time we get off at the exit in Pasco County.

Do you know of a road that's fun to drive?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

A road thats fun to drive...hmmmm...the Blue Ridge Parkway, perhaps? At least its scenic, and I do love the mountains. Otherwise, I am really not much of a road-tripper. I would prefer to fly and get it over with in a hurry. I have a time limit of about 3 hours in a car before I start to get a little stir crazy...haha. Oh, and I have had to do the I-95 thing between NC and SC way too many times. You are right, that is one long flat boring stretch of road! By the way, thanks for the comments.