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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wheaton Village

Yesterday we went to Wheaton Village with daughter #1. She had visited there and thought we should see it, too. Located in Millville, NJ, it has a spectacular glass museum, but we found the glassmaking demonstration to be the most interesting part of the tour. The pottery demonstation was also nice--but I took pottery in college so I already know quite a bit about that. (Why don't I use that in a book?) There are shops where the glass and pottery are sold, but only the marbles were in my price range. :^)

There is a real one room schoolhouse on the grounds. I always thought it would be fun to teach in a one room school. However, when I read one of the former teacher's plans which was posted on the wall, I changed my mind. The poor teacher had so much to do with so many different levels in that one room.

Here's a photo of daughter #1 on the bridge. Hubby refused to hold still for any photos and ran off whenever I lifted up the camera.
She also showed us a really wonderful used bookstore in downtown Millville. I bought three books. I wish I had more time to read!

On the way home we stopped in to visit daughter #3. So it was a long, busy day.


Live, Love, Laugh said...

how fun! I do know what you mean when you go visiting, it sure is good to get home!!!

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

Great pics in the last few posts.

K. said...

From the pics it looks like a very cute town.

Who I am Today said...

A used book store in Millville! I'll have to drive out there with a few fellow dusty book lovers. We've been looking for a good used book store down here. Sounds like it would be worth the drive.

I must say, one of my favorite memories is of going to the small bookstore in our town on rainy days when we were growing up. Nothing quite like a bookstore on a rainy day.